The Pantry is fondly referred to as "Bill's Pantry" in honor of Bill White, and his 31 years of  service as Superintendent at Springfield Gardens Apartments. Bill was a dedicated employee, respected by coworkers and friends alike. He was a loving husband, father, and grandfather, and a good friend. He is missed and remembered by so many whose lives he touched...

Our services

Dewitt food pantry, INC.

The Pantry, located  in DeWitt, NY,  provides a 3-day supply of food (per month) for families living in the Green Springfield Garden Apartments and surrounding neighborhoods. On a heavy day, about 530 meals are given to families in 3 hours; on a light day we provide about 200.  For every dollar donated, our pantry coordinators can purchase up to 5x more food from the Food Bank of Central New York than we can at a grocery store. To put it in dollars and cents – it takes us about $1,500.00 per month to operate, and our dollars go further buying food through the Food Bank of CNY. Focusing on healthy foods, your donations are organized by categories: grains, fruits, vegetables, proteins, and dairy.  As board members, we are overwhelmed by the community response to the needs of this pantry. We can't say enough about how grateful we are for the generous donations, food drives, fundraisers, church support, and overall caring when it comes to our neighbors. The DeWitt Food Pantry can't exist without you and we sincerely thank you!

In Memorium